Live radar shows the projected path of Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence is a “monster” bearing down for a direct hit on the coast. But not everyone is fleeing as the storm approaches.

Among those who are staying put despite evacuation orders to over 1 million people throughout the Carolinas and Virginia is Jon Wright, a retired firefighter from New York who lives here now. He plans to board up his windows, hunker down and ride out the Category 4 storm.


  1. So many families think it is a hoax and decided to stay; I watch them on my screen, from france, watch them talking and smiling to journalists, and I am terrified they will be dead soon :/ Please, human brothers, please evacuate right now! pleaaaase!

  2. Perfect timing to put money down on a home in Georgia… hopefully in 2 weeks it still has all 4 walls and roof that doesnt require a paddle boat to get to

  3. One of the many reasons I don’t live on a coast…..or build my house below a volcano….just seems counterintuitive

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