I Bought the Cheapest Ferrari Testarossa in the USA

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  1. smart buy man. give it 5 years therell be few people in there mid 30s now that will be in better shape to throw money at that car. still under 120 but definately a fun investment

  2. I understand your purchase Tyler but honestly I’d go with something more recent , let your YouTube bank account pile up a bit a go get yourself a nice McLaren or or how bout a f430 scuderia !? Testarossas are nice but dam hoovinator even the 355 was getting on the old , this one is even older (an nothing from the 80’s look good(almost) !). The way I see things is getting an old unreliable “supercar” can’t compare (obviously) to today’s sports cars (we all know this already ). Wouldn’t you rather experience today’s supercar performance instead of an old Ferrari. I’d be afraid to go hard with an old rossa, anyways. I still enjoy all your content whatever it might be! Congrats on your 88 rossa , you never know you might still find a bag of cocaine in there somewhere ! Lol. Keep up the good work

  3. As a smoker, ash tray by the door is a supreme design choice. Naturally it’s over there because the smoke is going out the window, why cross your body and risk loose ash dropping on your white panteloons? Watch flavio manzonis presentation on designing a Ferrari by the way. It’s bomb 🔥👍🔥

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