This is a step by step demonstration of filling out an ESTA form online.
If you are planning on travelling to the United States any time soon then you will need to fill out an on-line form.
Electronic System For Travel Authorization.


    • Copy exactly what is on your passport. If you have a middle name, or more and its on the passport then do that, if not then if there is room to add middle names then do that, otherwise just leave it as first and last name. An Alias is not your middle name, its if you are known as someone else, like a nick name, or if you have a stage name etc.

  1. Hi very helpful video, thank you Geoff !
    Could you please tell me if I need to reApply again with ESTA as worrying me about the first name, in my passport shows my name together with my middle name ( TYLER) , MICHAEL JR TYLER
    in my ESTA MICHAEL JR only ,without TYLER as my middle name. is it ok without TYLER ( my middle name) ?
    Many thanks!!

    • Thanks Goeff for the quick response! Yes I’m in UK, I may contact the embassy or reApply… again many thanks !

    • Very probably ok if the esta has been accepted. It may be worth contacting the USA emabassy in London if you are UK based. I don’t remember the number or email off hand, but save me doing it, do check comments below and in particular my answers to some of the people, as one or two of them will have the contact details which you can use. The first time I filled out an esta I did make a stupid mistake, I put the current date I was filling out the form instead of my date of birth, it all went through and then I realised I had made this mistake and in that case I had to fill out another form as well as pay another fee. In general it’s worth putting any details you have on your passport exactly the same as is asked for on the form. Hope this helps, and have a great holiday. Geoff Dean

  2. Well i am a german citzien i recently became a german citizen, but i was a former macedonian citizen wich i gave my old one to the german goverment i am only allowed to have One so the question are you currently a citizen of any other country what do i say cause my old macedonian passport expires in 2021 but the german goverment has it so what do i answer

  3. Hello. I keep having the INVALID STREET NAME error and I´ve already tried tu put it in so many different ways (number first, street first, etc) But still having same error… wtf is going on here? thanks a lot in advance

    • I don’t believe you need to scan your passport, just input the number and relevant details into the boxes like your passport number, export dates etc. You don’t need to scan anything. I only put an example passport showing what to do. Hope this helps

  4. Hi Geoff. Thanks for the video. It was really helpful. I just have one question. On the telephone number part, it says telephone number (optional) I forgot to put the 44 code, I put 0 instead, since it’s optional, shall I leave it or start all over again?

    • Geoff Dean Theme Parks thanks Geoff. I didn’t want to take any chances, so I did my ESTA form again yesterday, on social media, people have been denied entry just for getting things wrong

    • I wouldn’t worry about it. If you started again you’d be abandoning your original esta and paying for a second one, unless of course it allows you to update that piece of information. The USA embassy will already know the country code as you have put the the country you are from within the boxes. It just asks for your telephone number and doesn’t say anything about country code, I just thought it would be a good idea to add the code. I would imagine that thousands of people who send off the information just put their telephone number together with UK area code and that’s it. No I’m sure you are fine. Regards. Geoff Dean.

  5. Do you print a form off to show USA customs what happens when I arrive there do you book holidays before or after

    • They’ll not have to see your esta in the USA. When you go through immigration control after you step off the plane they’ll scan your passport and from that alone it will show on their screen that you have an approved esta, don’t worry about that, its automatic. You can visit anywhere in the US over a two year period on your current esta.

    • Geoff Dean Theme Parks OK what happens when u get two usa do they take your name to make sure you have esta. Or pay instalment for your holiday. Can u visit all over USA with the esta

    • Tyler English You can print off the form for your reference, the system will show that you have an esta approval. I usually book my holiday first and then sort out the esta. All estas last for two years inclusive.

  6. Thanks for helping me out with this video I’m
    Still not sure though about my citizen ship I was born in the uk got a uk passport in Ireland and have lived in Ireland for over 30 years am I an Irish citizen or a British citizen ?? I got stopped before travelling with virgin as they said my ESTA was not approved but it was as I had the papers don’t want the same to happen again and miss a flight , thanks so much

    • Hi Mandy. If it is southern Ireland then that’s what needs to be put. If it’s northern then it will come under the UK, but do always double check by googling or any search engines.

    • You are absolutely right Liam. Southern Ireland is not part of the UK. I put the video up only as a rough guidance and hope that it will be helpful. I shall remember in future. Many thanks to you.

    • Geoff Dean Theme Parks it is not correct when you say UK covers North and South of Ireland. Only Northern Ireland is part of UK Southern Ireland is separate country in its own right

    • Geoff Dean Theme Parks thank you so much Geoff you have been really helpfull I will try to contact them again wishing you a great week

  7. In the US contact section, how do I fill out this section, if I have not yet booked a flight or accommodation yet. Do I have to wait till I have confirmed travel plans before filling out ESTA.

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