ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorization

U.S. Department of Homeland Security resp. U.S. Customs and Border Protection pŇôipravil videouk√°zku toho, jak se pracuje s elektronickou n√°hraŇĺkou v√≠z do USA. Video je v anglińćtinńõ.

ńĆR se stala ńćleny tzv. Visa Waiver Programu (VWP), s platnost√≠ od 17. listopadu 2008. V√≠ce informac√≠ na nebo na str√°nk√°ch Americk√©ho velvyslanectv√≠ v Praze –

Po 12. lednu 2009 bude ESTA vyŇĺadov√°na po vŇ°ech cestuj√≠c√≠ch ze st√°tŇĮ s VWP. PŇôed letem do USA vyplŇąte (lze i v zastoupen√≠) elektronick√Ĺ formul√°Ňô na ŇĹ√°dat lze kdykoliv pŇôed cestou a odpovńõńŹ je prakticky okamŇĺit√°.

ESTA plat√≠ 2 roky nebo do expirace cestovn√≠ho pasu, podle toho, co nastane dŇô√≠ve.

DalŇ°√≠ informace o USA na – Spojen√© st√°ty ńćesk√Ĺma ońćima.


  1. I wasted my time and money on a flight , from Bristol/Dublin/Canada to Denver. I was issued a valid visa on 27th October 2017 by Esta by gmail. I got on flight with visa and passport and flew over and my Esta Visa passed check ins at Dublin and when I reached Toronto US check in Homeland Security said the visa had been cancelled and the numbers didn’t match theirs. I was not informed of any of this by gmail or mobile info. I returned home and checked my emails and there was no cancelled info on gmail. I phoned ESTA office up and the sent another email confirming the visa was valid. Then Washington office sent an email after my flight was taken say it was cancelled. Will you give me my flight money back please, because my USA friends were disappointed because you didn’t allow me in. Why didn’t your staff inform me of any problems before I booked the flight?¬† Why wasn’t I informed or why wasn’t the USA listed people informed to. They were named on the valid visa.

    • Yes airline was United airline which is USA based company and they don’t give refund. It’s ripped off. If esta is such useless don’t put up online. It’s misleading people

  2. ESTA Registration was successful
    Esta Registration 
     AttachmentsOct 27
     to me  
     Your ESTA-REGISTRATION was successful Dear Mrs/Mr Smart, We have forwarded your information to the US government, and look forward to providing you hereby your ESTA registration as a PDF file. If you can not read PDF files, we recommend the following free viewer to install: Рafter the installation, you can open the document with the Adobe Reader.  Please print your travel authorization and keep it together with your passport while traveling the USA. The document is also the acknowledgment for border control. We remind you that the ESTA approval for travel to the USA is compulsory, but not automatically a guarantee for entry. The officials of the Customs and Border Protection at the port of entry will confirm you, that you are entitled for immigration.  We wish you a nice trip to the US! Yours Sincerely,The ESTA Registration TeamESTA Registration 
     AttachmentsNov 14 (8 days ago)
     to me  
     Dear Mr Smart,  thank you for your email.  We are very sorry that you are unsatisfied with our service.  The ESTA was processed, approved and sent to you on: 27.10.2017 08:37 As you are unsatisfied, as a gesture of goodwill, we will provide you a partial refund of 16.75 GBP.   Kind Regards Megi ESTA Registration РServiceAn offer ofVisa Gate GmbHPelkovenstr. 148

    ¬†was told my esta visa was invalid and was cancelled number R98771W6XR42ATFT BU… [Incident: 171114-000434]
    x CBP INFO Center  
     Nov 14 (8 days ago)
     to me  
      Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days.Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Subject
    I was told my esta visa was invalid and was cancelled number R98771W6XR42ATFT BU…
     Discussion Thread
     Response Via Email (CBP ESTA Officer) 11/14/2017 12:04 PM
    Good Day, Application number R98771W6XR42ATFT is denied. You can view that status by retrieving the application through the official ESTA web site. If you have been denied an ESTA travel authorization, you may be able to obtain a visa from the Department of State. Visa applications are made at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Please visit the United States Department of State web site at for additional information about applying for a visa. An ESTA denial does not deny entry into the United States. This response only prohibits traveling under the Visa Waiver Program.If you were charged more than $14 USD per application, you have gone to a third party web site or service such as a travel agency or airport representative. This is the U.S. government website:
    A charge from the US government will appear on your credit card statement as: // USCUSTOMS ESTA APPL PMT – 317-617-4458 //Most of the third party sites will electronically submit a legitimate ESTA application for you, however they add on their own fee on top of the $14 USD ESTA fee. You can use the official ESTA website ( to look up your passport information and see if you have a valid application.Thank you,
     Customer By Web Form (dale smart) 11/14/2017 07:38 AM
    I was told my esta visa was invalid and was cancelled number R98771W6XR42ATFT BUT ESTA OFFICE HVE COMFIRMED TODAY ITS VALID BY EMAIL. Dear customer Mrs/Mr Smart,We regret to note that you were not satisfied with our ESTA Travel Service.We will cancel your order. Please take note that we can only refund £16,75 since your ESTA application has already been approved and was sent to your email adress.The amount will be refunded within the next few working days, your ESTA will still be valid.We wish you a pleasant journey!Yours Sincerely,The ESTA Registration Team
     Question Reference #171114-000434 Date Created:  11/14/2017 07:38 AM
    Last Updated:  11/14/2017 12:04 PM
    Status:  Closed/Clarify
    First Name:  
    Last Name:  
    DOB:  //
    Cargo Location:  
    Carrier-Vessel Name:  canada air lines
    Flight Number:  ac1039
    Badge Number:  not known
    Incident Date:  11/11/2017 12:00 PM
    Survey Name:  
    Form Type:  Departing 1st
    NEXUS Number:  
    SEVIS Number:  
    SENTRI Number:  
    CET Problem Type:  
    AQI Problem Type:  
    MET/Trade Problem:  
    Entry Problem Type:  
    Entry Number:  
    Bill of Lading Nbr:  
    Bill of Lading Type:  
    Container Number:  
    Booking Number:  
    FAST Number:  
    Problem Type:  
    Entity Type:  
    Other Problem:  
    Esta Group ID:  
    Date Traveler Return:  
    GE Number:  
    APEC Number:  
    GOES Registration Number:  
    Other Program Number:  
    License Plate Number:  
    Aircraft Registration Number:  
    Uniform Selection:  
    License Plate State:  
    Created by Generic Supervisor:  No
    US Flag:  
    Pilot Certification Inspection:  
    Approximate Time:  
    Export Problem:  
    I-94 Number:  
    Express Mail Tracking:  
    Submitter First Name:  
    Submitter Last Name:  
    Is Internal Inc Closed?:  
     General Aviation Location
     Vessel Name
     Cruising Permit Number
     ESTA Application Number
     Submitter Email
    [—001:002957:28694—] don’t BOTHER USING THESE PHONEYS THEY CANCELLED MY TOURIST VISA AND NEVER EVEN TOLD ME AND I TOOK FLIGHT from England to Denver and wasn’t allowed in USA because they cancelled the visa without even contacting me before I flew out. Watch your asses concerning USA people.

    • FIll the form online, pay with card (US $14 per application) and after that you’ll receive an e-mail with your Application Number. You either got Application Status immediately, or you can check your Status later online. You don’t need to print it, Immigration officer will find it in his computer using your passport number.

    • ESTA US esta is not reliable when you enter USA
      You will get rejected
      It’s my experience. It’s misleading information

  3. Actually, we now have an iPhone app that can make the visa waiver (ESTA) process much easier. If you’d like to see how it works, check out our video. How SimpleVisa helps you get your Visa Waiver (ESTA) for your US travel

  4. This is the biggest BS I have ever seen. I want every US traveler to fill out a form for customs in German, French, or Spanish depending on the country they wanna go to. Also, dont forget this electronic form and a fee of 50 Euros. Lets not forget a green or white visa waiver. Let US travelers stand in line for hours and refuse them entry if they havent filled the blanks in right. I would also have them make finger prints and show us medical records before entering our beloved Europe.

  5. I apologise for the fact that the US Government is expecting people to be competent to fill in simple online forms. My understanding is that ESTA is modelled on Australia’s ETA system, which seems to assume computer literacy among all its visitors as well.

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