AMERICA DENIED MY US VISA! The visa interview

FIND OUT WHY IN THIS VIDEO : My us visa interview

My travelling ideas were destroyed! Maybe this can help you with not having your visa declined at your visa interview. This is how I tried to get my American Visa.. Visa Americana –

I also found out what happens inside the American embassy and how the system works and its process. I wonder if donald trump, and the trump debate would have affected this if I had gone later.

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  1. Yeah, it’s crappy to get turned down after all that prep work. But entering any country other than your own is a privilege, not a right. People keep forgetting that.

  2. some red flags: no evidence of enough income to travel and stay in the US. too much information being volunteered during the interview. no stable source of income. some inconsistencies with your application. having arranged travel plans prior to getting a visa..

    these are some of the things i’ve heard why visa applications get denied.

  3. Too bad – no one OWES you anything – including explanations. This happens all over the world – stop whining! Don’t reapply – hope this video takes care of it! If you’re so disgusted, why would you continue to apply – stay home – your home!

  4. Just my assumption, if You are young and single from South Africa, your income level is not above the income level of middle class Americans, they assume you have immigration intent. Especially under Trump administration, other than you are white with blue eyes and blond hair, if you are not rich, they don’t want you here.

  5. I don’t think it has anything to do with trump I seriously think immigration has turned into a money scam/ the fees they charge r outrageous my spouse and I invested over a $1000 think about that for a second multiply a $1000 times a 200 people that’s $200,000
    They can take up in a month. Now there’s different kinds of visas spouse/ b1/b2/ H1/ fiancé etc. how many denials and fees r non refundable of course

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